You shouldn’t really need an excuse to get a manicure (after all, there’s nothing wrong with wanting to pamper yourself), but just in case you do, here are 10 reasons to head to the salon for the ultimate in self-love and nail care.

#1 – Winter Has Taken Its Toll

All that dry weather may have left your hands (and your nail beds) a little dry and damaged. Get them nourished and improve their overall health with a manicure.

#2 – Stress Relief

Feeling a little stressed and out of sorts? Work or kids or relationships or family got you feeling like a big ball of crazy? Head to a nail salon in Maui (or wherever you are), sit back, relax, and let your nail technician soothe away your worries.

#3 – Girl Time

Want the ultimate day out with your friends? Spend some time catching up with your friends while beautifying your hands and nails. Walk away feeling refreshed and more connected with your besties.


#4 – Express Yourself!

Because manicures can come in all kinds of colors and styles, they are the perfect way to express yourself! Just remember to take into account regulations that may exist at work (either policy or personal) before choosing something too wild.


#5 – Feel Beautiful

While you’re beautiful just the way you are, there’s just something about having polished, gorgeous nails that can make a woman feel more beautiful. Get in touch with your inner girl and visit your local nail salon.


#6 – Relaxing on Vacation

Whether you’re visiting family or on a nice getaway in Hawaii, a manicure while on vacation is the perfect way to relax and just take a little time for yourself. If you happen to be in Hawaii, stop by the Juvenal & Co. nail salon in Maui for perfect, tropical paradise pampering.


#7 – Professionalism

Whether you’re applying for a new job, heading out for a conference, meeting new clients, or just putting in your daily hours, a manicure is the perfect way to convey professionalism to your future or current employers or clients! In fact, most people really do believe a manicure is a sign of success, so head on out to a salon and get yourself job ready!


#8 – Remind Yourself of the Importance of Self-Care

With all we have to do in a day, we can sometimes forget just how important self-care really is. A manicure is a great way to remind yourself of the importance of taking a little time for you.


#9 – Important Event

Whether it’s a wedding or a formal gathering, manicured nails will give you a neat, clean, polished, and gorgeous look. If you’re having a wedding in Hawaii, be sure to book an appointment with a nail salon in Maui instead of trying to squeeze in the manicure before you leave home.


#10 – Hand and Skin Care

Even in the spring, summer, and fall, our nails, cuticles, and hands need a little extra pampering to stay healthy. And that’s because – let’s face it – we put our hands through a lot in our day-to-day lives. Manicures nourish cuticles and nails, exfoliate, and improve overall hand health.

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