Wedding season is here! And that means it’s time to start talking about this year’s trend predictions. For 2015 wedding hair, it’s all about sleek styles that put the bride and her dress center stage! So let’s talk more about them and how you can make them a part of your big day!

The Pretty Pony

Playing off of the previous tiara trends, the low ponytail is predicted to be one of the hottest 2015 wedding hairstyle predictions. But these aren’t your day-at-the-gym ponytails! These are glossed up and then positioned to sit level with the natural lines of your cheek bones. The bottom is bouncy with curls or ruffled to give it a more modern texture, and delicate, bejeweled headbands are placed at the crown of the head to give them that touch of elegance.

Long, Flowing, and Gorgeous

Long, flowing hair is big this year, and brides are expected to show them off in 2015 in every way possible! We’re expecting to see everything from full, bouncy texture to over the shoulder to long, spiral waves.

To pull this look off without having to worry about messy tresses at the end of the day, seek help from your Juvenal & Co. Maui wedding hair salon specialist. They’re best equipped to handle the cut and layers needed to ensure this look makes a statement with or without accessories.

Minimalist Tresses

This year, the minimalist tresses are freshly blow dried and then pinned, swept up or around with polish but very little product. Complement the simplicity of this style use a severe part and pull hair away from the face. European-inspired, this look is all about fresh and minimal to help balance out the elegant dresses we’re expected to see in 2015.

Dressed-Up Chignons

Chignons have always been a popular wedding hairstyle, but in 2015, they’re expected to be dressed up with accessories. Like many of the other looks this year, chignons will be sleek and polished to keep eyes on the bride and her dress. Brides are also expected to adorn their elegant chignons with embellishments this year—everything from intricate headbands to jeweled pins and barrettes. For a look that isn’t too understated, ask your Maui wedding hair salon specialist for help.

Accessories, Accessories, Accessories!

Speaking of accessories . . . they’re expected to be huge in 2015! Brides are expected to weave everything from large pearl necklaces to family heirlooms into their wedding hairstyles. This will be a theme, no matter what the style, and no matter how long the look. Be sure to bring your accessories with you while visiting your Maui wedding hair salon so your stylist can find the best way to work with your accessories prior to your wedding day.

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