GettyImages_175114560-300x199Weddings are the perfect occasions for girls to bring out their inner princess. Probably the most special day in a girl’s life, a wedding in Maui is the perfect way to begin your very own fairy tale. There are a lot of things that need to be considered to get you to look your best for your big day. Things like searching for the perfect dress and booking the best salon for your hair and makeup are definitely the ones that hold the most priority. However little things like the kind of nail style you should get are most often ignored. Attention to detail is very important and a good nail style not only makes a good impression, it also adds to your self-confidence. Nail salons in Maui offer the most versatile nail styles so that you are not lacking for options when your big day arrives. Maui nail salons have styles ranging from flowery manicures to jeweled nail art to classic nudes so hurry up and book your appointment now!

Choose the perfect nail shape:

The different types of nail shapes that are trending in Maui are:

Round: Round shape is the most common nail shape. Round nails are the most durable and practical nails. Round nails are very hard to chip, which is a major plus point. Nail salons in Maui recommend this nail shape for women who have weak nails.

Square: Square nails are the ideal nails for those who want to get a French manicure done. In Maui nail salons, square nails with French manicures and nail art are most sought after by brides.

Pointy nails: Pointy nails are extremely difficult to handle as it weakens the base of the nails. This shape is not practical yet women opt for them on their special day. Many nail salons in Maui offer this nail shape so hurry up and book your appointment!

Oval: Oval nails are a combination of all nail types and are strong as well look good. This is a really good shape that looks beautiful with the different types of nail art and is actually the most common nail shape that is done in the nail salons in Maui.

Choosing the perfect nail color:

Choosing the perfect nail color for your wedding day can be a difficult task. It is always important to keep in mind the color of your dress and the look that you are try to achieve. Nail salons in Maui offer a beautiful range of nude colors that look absolutely stunning with the exquisite detail of the brides dress.

Manicures and nail art:

French manicures for nails are extremely popular in nail salons in Maui.

  • Flower nail art is a favorite and it is done by using lace and cutting it to the size of your nail and sealing it on the surface with a transparent top coat.
  • French manicure with a clear base coat and glitter polish as a top is very popular in the nail salons in Maui these days.
  • Nail jewels are increasing in demands as the delicate design and the intricate details adds to the whole beauty of the overall look of the bride.

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