Wedding season is upon us, and that means it’s time to start talking seriously about your last minute plans! Have you pinned down your hairstyle yet? Still deciding? Either way, these bridal hair do’s and don’ts will help you achieve the perfect Maui wedding hair style on your big day!

DO Take Your Hair Type, Climate, and Location into Account

When choosing your Maui wedding hair style, carefully consider your hair type, the climate, and location of your wedding. These will have a huge impact on what Maui wedding hair style you should choose. For example, if you have hair that frizzes easily and you’re in a humid, outdoor location, you’ll want to be sure and choose an updo instead of trying to force your hair to work against the wind and weather.

DON’T Choose a Style You’re Not in Love With

Practicality in regards to the weather, your hair type, and the location of your wedding are important, but that doesn’t mean you have to choose a style you’re not in love with. Find the happy medium so that you have something you absolutely love without all the worries of a messy do at the end of the day.

DO Get Creative!

While it’s great to look at bridal magazines for looks that you like, it’s best to create a style that’s all you. Get creative! Modify a style to fit your bridal look, your personality, and your style. If you’re not really sure about a style or how it will work with your overall wedding look, ask your Juvenal & Co. stylist! They’d love to help you with your Maui wedding hair style!

DON’T Do Tight Braids along the Hairline

Loose braids along the hairline are perfectly fine, but tight ones don’t always come out well in photographs. If you really want braids, do large, loose ones instead. These tend to come out better in photographs, and they give more of a romantic feel to your style than tighter braids.

DO a Run-Through Before the Big Day

Sometimes the styles we want don’t end up looking the way we want to, but the real purpose of a run-through is about preparedness. Your stylist needs to get to know your hair, and you need to know how it will look and feel on the big day so that adjustments can be made accordingly without elevating your stress levels at the last minute.

DON’T Lie about How the Look is Coming Together

Whether it’s the run-through prior to the big day, or on your wedding day, don’t ever hold back if you’re not sure about how a look is coming together. Your stylist can only give you the best Maui wedding hair style if you’re honest and upfront about what you do and don’t like about the look!

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