tumblr-645x967-200x300We saw a lot of celebrities support new hair trends as 2014 ended. 2015 bought the hottest runway hairstyles till date and we cannot wait to share all of them with you. Celebrities like Jenifer Aniston, Nicole Kidman and Keira Knightley have amazed the media with their new hairstyles. This article consists of everything that you need to know about how to get the best hair ranging from the latest haircuts that are raiding the runways to the perfect hues for your glorious locks.


Remember how 2014 was all about ombres? Well 2015 is completely different. Celebrities like Penelope Cruz and Elisabeth Olsen are seen supporting the balayage and we love every single thing about it! Balayage is a more subtle form of hair color that mimics the sun kissed highlights that you’ve always seen in the movies. Balayage leans towards the natural side of hair coloring as compared to the ombre as it uses an ecaille technique to color your hair. This is done by adding a lot of shine to your hair along with highlights that are darker and low lights that are a bit lighter as compared to the natural tone of your hair. This is the ultimate look to get this year and the hair salons in Maui are filled with women who want to get balayage done. Balayage also grows out better than the ombre and you will not have to worry about going to the salon repeatedly to get retouching done. In Maui, the Balayage is the perfect look to carry as the natural sun kissed locks are ideal for the lazy beach afternoons! So head to your closest hair salon in Maui and replicate the look of your favorite celebrity!


Haircut trends are ever changing. Hair salons in Maui have experts who are experienced in providing a variety of haircuts trending ranging from long sleek locks to edgy pixie cuts. Choose the look which is the most flattering on your face shape type. It is important to get a haircut according to your face shape to minimise the features that are non-pleasing. A good haircut according to the face shape always compliments and enhances the positive features.

Short haircuts:

Short haircuts were increasingly popular last year and they are still trending this year too. Short haircuts consist of the pixie layered cut, the short bob and the long bob. The oval face shape is perfect for the edgy pixie cut as it draws attention to the features of your face. The long bob is perfect for women who want to draw attention away from the roundness of their face and give it a more angular look. Short hair styles are supported by Kylie Jenner, Miley Cyrus and Anne Hathaway.

Long haircuts:

The trending long haircuts consist of the blunt fringe, the layered bangs and the straight long hairstyle. This look is ideal for women who have square faces and angular jaw. The blunt fringe is suitable for women who have big foreheads. The fringe diverts the attention towards the eyes and gives a very smart and retro appearance. The long wispy bangs and layers of the hair soften the angular jaw for women and give an overall stunning look that is extremely popular these days on the latest fashion shows. Hair salons in Maui not only give the best haircuts, they also give expert advice on what long hairstyle would look best on your face shape type. The Kardashian sisters are famous for their beautiful long locks so head to your nearest hair salon in Maui to get a similar look!

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