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This summer take out your pretty sandals and beach gear as the most awaited time of the year is finally here! Whether you’re going to university or heading to the famous Maui beaches, summer is the time when a variety of adorable hairstyles can be tried out. These cute hairstyles are not only the ultimate way to beat the heat this summer; they are also the perfect way to look cute and stylish. Try out these different summer hairstyles that are suited for all hair types as you bask in the golden sun for the ultimate summer glow!

The Classic ponytail:

The classic ponytail is the perfect look for daytime as well as night time. This style represents the ultimate summer look and does not even require a lot of effort. To help you get your ponytail to look as sleek and bouncy as it looks in the movies, we have some amazing tips for you! Make sure that your hair is clean and grease free. Use a nylon brush to smooth the sides and brush your hair back into a ponytail form. Now here is the part that makes all the difference; use a dollop of hair gel serum and spread it all over your hair, keeping it an inch away from your hairline. Use a hair tie to tie your pony and voila! There you have it, the ultimate sleek pony. Pair it off with mascara and a bright lipstick to get the perfect summer look!

Messy buns:

Messy buns are by far the easiest and quickest way to look chic and smart at the same time. Start by pulling your hair into a loose pony tail. Keep it as high or as low as you would want your bun to be. The trick to getting the ultimate messy bun is to separate your hair into sections and backcomb it gently. The backcombing will give the volume and add texture to your hair. Then start securing it with bobby pins to get the perfect messy effect.

Wavy hair without heat:

The perfect hair style for summer is most definitely the long beach-y waves. It is extremely easy to get wavy hair and it is also hassle free! No heating is required. As the weather in Maui is humid, the only thing that you need to do is to buy an anti-frizz serum to keep all the fly away hair in place. You do not even need to buy those expensive ‘sea spray’ products to get the ultimate waves, just make your own beach/sea spray. Mix a tablespoon of salt in to a bottle of lukewarm water and spray it generously on to your hair. The next thing is to take sections of your hair and braid them. Then use an elastic tie to secure those braids and spritz a bit of hair spray on the braids. And leave them overnight. Then in the morning untie the braids and run your fingers through your hair to poof it up a bit and you’re done! Now enjoy the beach with the ultimate beach look.

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