No matter how you decide to wear your hair on your wedding day, the right accessory is the secret to transforming a simple design to extraordinary. The trick is to find a hair accessory that complements your hairstyle and matches your theme.

Your Hawaii wedding should capture the beautiful surroundings of beach, flowers, and the tropics. How do you capture the surroundings and implement them into your wedding attire? A fun, tropical-themed hair accessory that accentuates your look and pulls it all together.


Bohemian Tiaras

Bohemian styles are popular at beach weddings because of their simple and natural appearance when attached to the hair. Bohemian tiaras accentuate the crown of the head, especially when the hair is styled in a smooth and sleek fashion. A simple dress style calls for an equally simple yet elegant hair accessory.


Bridal Pins

Bridal pins come in a variety of shapes and sizes, colors and hues. Choose a fun and tropical-themed hair accessory that draws attention to your Hawaii wedding. Ocean inspired themes with blue stones and pearls offer a natural hue that looks exquisite against any hair color or style. Crystal encrusted starfish, mother of pearl designs, and romantic flower vines are all styles to consider when choosing the perfect bridal pin to fix in your hair.


Flower Clips

Flower clips come in hundreds of styles. Fun and tropical themed flower clips include orchids, hibiscus, and peonies. A tucked-in updo with wind-swept tendrils look stunning with a fresh or fake flower clip. Some flowers come in sets of two or three, where you can fasten the hair flowers between the bun and locks.


Hawaiian Lei Flower Crowns

The Hawaiian lei flower crown is a traditional look for Hawaiian weddings. Warm-weather ceremonies work well for the fresh flower crown. Brides choose natural flower tones, like ivory and sand, to provide an organic touch against the wind-blown seascape.


Starfish Headbands

The small and exquisitely designed starfish headband showcases pearls, starfish, and clear rhinestones. The pearls and starfish bring the tropics to life and add just enough beach theme to your wedding attire. Most starfish headbands are available in silver and gold depending on your preference.


Tropical Combs

The hair comb is a traditional accessory for wedding hairstyles. Topical themed hair combs come in a variety of styles and fit the same way any hair comb does. Rhinestone dolphins and starfish hair combs are rich with rhinestones in colors that you choose. Clear, blue, and pink are among the top choices in color for hair combs that offer a bit of the beach nestled in your style.

Juvenal Hair Salon professionals can incorporate your fun and tropical themed hair accessories into your Hawaii wedding. We would love to help.

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