Sexy-Long-Boho-Waves-225x300We all know that scissors can cut your hair, but did you know that scissors can also trim away the years and make you look younger? Hair is probably the most glorious asset of a woman. Whether it is a long sleek mane or an adorable pixie cut, the right hairstyle can make a woman look much younger and much more attractive. Hair salons in Maui offer the best haircuts and our team of experts can guide you to get the look that suits you the best. A good hairstyle can not only make you look 10 years younger, it can also make you feel really good about yourself.

Bangs: The perfect side swept bangs can make you look extremely young as they hide away the tell-tale wrinkles of age on your forehead. They can also make your face appear more youthful, giving you a fun and edgy vibe. Take the example of Amy Poehler, who seemed 10 times younger with side swept bangs as compared to the straggly fringe that she supported before. Our hair experts in the hair salons in Maui are famous for their skilled bangs haircut.

Sleek long hair: Curled hair with a lot of volume on the top makes a woman look older as that hairstyle is considered outdated now. Take the example of the time when Nicole Kidman transitioned from her classic curled hair to sleek and straight hair. Sleek hair with volume on top can make a woman look extremely young as well as classy at the same time. Head to your closest hair salon in Maui to get this look!

Light hair: If you dye your hair to a very light colour, it can add extra years to your age as light ashy colours draw a lot of attention to the fine details of your face. For example an ashy brown colour can make you look more drawn and pale where as a rich dark chocolate brown can immediately make the face look brighter and younger at the same time. Maui hair salons provide the best dark hair colours that will immediately make you notice the difference.

Hair parting: Sometimes the way you part your hair can make a huge difference to your age. A harsh middle part can add strictness to your face and make you look older. Whereas a deep side part and over the shoulder style can make you look sexy and young! Consult our hair salons in Maui to get expert advice on which parting makes you look the most attractive version of yourself.

Updos: While choosing the kind of hair up do you should get, one must be very careful of a few details. An over the top Amy Winehouse bee hive can make anyone look older as well as old fashioned. A sleek up do with spiral messy strands and the right amount of backcombing can make a huge difference and give a youthful look.

Short bob: An edgy short bob is the ideal hairstyle for women who are facing the problem of thinning hair. A short bob can make thinning hair seem fuller and add a youthful look to your face. Cameron Diaz has been seen supporting this edgy look and you can now visit your hair salon in Maui to get this look.

Now you can feel and look younger with just one hair appointment with our hair stylists in Maui.

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