Wearing glitter on your wedding day might sound like a bad idea at first, but a touch of shimmer can actually give you the look you’re hoping for – a healthy, romantic glow. There are options for both daytime ceremonies and nighttime receptions to help ensure that all day long, everyone’s eyes stay on you, and with these tips, you can pull off that sparkly, shimmery glow without going overboard.

Shimmery Eyes

To add a bit of shimmer to your eyes, use a metallic crème shadow in a neutral tone (best paired with a nude lip color during your ceremony). This will make your eyes sparkle and stand out, but it will do so with enough subtlety that everyone will be focused on your eyes instead of your makeup. Then, during the ceremony, give your eyes a bit more drama with another coat of shadow.

Shimmery Lips

During the day, opt for lighter, neutral colors for your lips. During the nighttime reception, choose a cherry lip color for a bit more pop. For that shimery look, add a thin layer of sheer, glistening lip gloss over your lip color. Keeping it light and sheer will give you just enough shimmer for that wedding look.

Shimmery Face

Iridescent powders and fine, loose glitters are great for your face, cheekbones, the corners of your eyes and lips, and even your neck and chest. Use just a light dusting to give your face just enough shine and shimmer for an all-day healthy glow. And to avoid going overboard with this one (especially in tropical locations), you can ask the Juveanl & Co. wedding salon in Maui for help on the big day.

Shimmery Nails

Everything from glittery, metallic polish to embellishments can be added to your nails for shine and shimmer for the big day. All of these options will give your hands and nails an added pop, completing and rounding out your shimmery spring look. Be sure to ask your wedding salon in Maui about which nail colors will work best with your overall wedding look.

Shimmery Skin

Complete your shimmery spring look with shimmery skin! Use a lotion with fine glitter fragments in it just before the reception. To touch it up throughout the day, carry a small tube or have your bridesmaid keep it in her purse. Occasional reapplications will ensure that everyone’s eyes stay on you and your all-day healthy-looking, sparkly skin!

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