Your dream day is approaching fast. You’ve got everything planned down to the smallest detail. Now it’s time to have some creative fun with your nails to ensure they, and you, will be looking spectacular when you finally say “I do.”

If you’re interested in some great ideas, here is our list of the top 10 nail designs for your Maui wedding:


Glitter and Glamour

Rhinestones and other jewels might sound a little over the top, but in the hands of the right artist, it can present a classy and elegant look. The result – gorgeous nails that sparkle as bright as you do.


Pearls and Studs

Any reputable Maui nail salon will have several types of nail embellishments at their discretion to make your nails look perfect for the big day. You can go with one type, such as pearls, or use a variety such as tiny studs, pearls, and a smidge of glitter for a harmonious palette.


Faded French Manicure

Looking for something understated and classy? Then the faded French manicure is for you. All it takes is the perfect peach color and the touch of the right nail artists to gradually fade it back until the white tips take over. Absolutely stunning.


Lavender and Lace

Lace and love go hand in hand. Using a special stamping technique, your nails will be a beautiful color of lavender with lace designs on the tips.


Something Blue

Your nails work great for that “something blue” part of your wedding. A baby blue color with a few embellished stones looks fantastic.


A Night in Paris

Our Maui wedding salon can make your nails look like you just stepped off the runway in France. Blending the right colors is difficult, but when done correctly, it looks stunning. Try using an oyster gray coat followed by specks of pink and black. Gorgeous.


The Futuristic Holograph

Holographic nail designs are great for nighttime nuptials. Simply choose your favorite color then use jewels to outline your nails. You’ll be a hit out on the dance floor.


Think Pink

What girl doesn’t like pink? Try using a light pink on the bottom half of your nail followed by a dark, luxurious pink on the top half. And to split the two up, use a horizontal silver lining. It is bold yet classy and clean.


Angel Wings

This design uses a natural color with some angel wing tips. The secret is to flick the brush gently across the top of the nail to get the desired effect. It’s heavenly.


Mixed Metal

Mixed metal nails look beautiful especially when matched with the tone of your brand new wedding ring.


Our Maui wedding salon can do any of these designs and more. Have your own idea? We can do that too. Which one of these designs is your favorite?

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