Finding the right wedding dress can feel amazing but once you’re done with this step, you have to start thinking about your makeup and not to mention your best accessory: your hair!

Do you want your fabulous tresses to flow down your shoulders? Do you want something boho or maybe a chic updo to flaunt your back or show off the details on the back of your dress? What are you most comfortable with and what type of hairstyle do you think looks best on you?

1780236_1092735037419469_1575743370591122287_o-198x300There are so many styles to choose from so we’ve compiled the 10 best Maui wedding hairstyles for your dream spring wedding.

  1. Sleek crop

Wedding hairstyles aren’t always about classic up dos and voluminous curls. As seen on the Amsale Spring 2015 bridal show, a sleek, side-swept crop can look incredibly chic and sexy on your wedding day too.

  1. Big and fabulous curls

Curly hairstyles look stunning on brides but this year is all about wedding hair curls that are voluminous and eye-catching. This gives a bride an elegant vintage look and it works on almost everybody. If you are going for big curls this spring, instead of focusing on bounce, get your hair styled in a way that makes it moveable.

  1. A classic chignon

A sleek and sophisticated chignon is a timeless hairstyle any bride can pull off. This is a hairstyle that you will never regret while going back on your wedding album. Make sure you consider your face shape
as well. You can add in some bands to give your hairstyle more oomph, if necessary.11057296_1092734877419485_293184538657627331_n-198x300

  1. Bohemian braid

As seen at the Marchesa Bridal show, a bohemian braid can make your hair look like a million bucks! For this look, hair is sectioned into three. The middle section is braided and pinned in placed as an S shape. The remaining sections are divided into pin curls over the braid.

  1. Textured updo

If you’re looking for something more playful and romantic, a soft and wispy updo may just be your best bet. A sleek updo may not work for everyone depending on the face shape so you can keep things interesting by trying a textured updo with more volume. Swept back curls work great for spring weddings because they keep the curls away from the face and ensure they stay in one place.

  1. Elegant pixie

We spotted this bridal hairstyle at the Oscar de la Renta show and it looked fab! Not only is a pixie a forgiving hairdo during spring, it also looks fun and chic, especially on a bride.

  1. Beachy hair

Giving your wedding look a boho twist with beachy hair, braids and knots can make you look super fashionable. This style is works for those who want to look sexy without giving the impression that they tried too hard on their look. To accentuate your natural beauty, go for natural looking waves or curls, with braids, twists and maybe even a gorgeous flower crown!

  1. A fresh braid

Braids are not only trendy, but they are also versatile and can transform a look, making it cute, sophisticated and even sexy. One cool braid idea is to try a reverse braid on both sides of the head and tying both braids with an elastic band when they meet. Then turn the remaining hair into a fishtail braid to give you an elegant and edgy look.

  1. Messy updo

If you want a natural, beachy look but don’t want your hair down, consider trying a braided updo. An updo with a combination of a braid in the front and twists in the back to intentionally make it look messy does not only look super chic, but gives you that natural, beachy look too.

  1. Faux bob

Some finger waves in the front and pin waves at the back to create a relaxed faux bob will give you that retro vibe that will capture all the guests’ oohs and aahs. A must try for any retro-inspired wedding look.

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