Planning your big wedding day in early 2015? If so, you are probably thinking about hairstyles and which one will suit you and your dress. If you want to know what the biggest trends are in wedding hairstyles for Spring 2015, read on. We have ten styles you are sure to adore.


The Sleek Yet Volumized Pony

Celebrity brides and Hollywood stylists report that the statement-making ponytail is one of the hottest looks for the Spring 2015 bride. The ponytail is volumized, meaning it has some bounce. However, the positioning of the ponytail depends on facial structure. The crown of the hair can be smooth and sleek or a bit messy depending on preference.


The Low Twist

If you’re a bride with long hair, the low twist works. The look is just like the name with a twisted piece that centers the neckline. The style fits a minimally adorned back and neck, and calls for light accessories. Splash natural and barely-there makeup and you’ll look aisle-ready.


Side-Swept Crop

If you don’t have long hair and refuse extensions, there’s no need to worry. A mid to short length crop can be side-swept behind the ear and adorned with a flower. There’s no need for an intricate updo with this sleek hairstyle that is winning favor for 2015.


The Classic Chignon

The classic chignon calls for bold accessories. Shells, pearls, and flowers make the style pop with any dress. Offer a few tousles or keep the crown sleek and neat. The beautiful updo is a crowd pleaser.


Go Boho

Want something a bit more Bohemian and laid-back? The pleated ponytail may be just what you’re looking for. With long hair the look can get a bit messy around the edges, but for many brides, the look is fitting for a beach springtime beach wedding. The look is effortless and with the right makeup can be flawless.


The Tucked-Under Pony

Rather than leaving your ponytail undone, why not pin it up with the tucked-under tail. This look was featured at the Oscar de la Renta Spring 2015 wedding show and features a sleek crown that can be easily decorated with a stunning daisy chain or floral lei.


Curled and Feathered Tresses

We’re not talking 80s feathers, but a flouncy white feather positioned just right above the curled tresses. Leave your locks down and give your neckline a relaxed look.


Ballerina Bun

This simple and sleep design is a highlight of the wedding hairstyles of spring 2015. If you want all eyes on your dress, this is the perfect look. It is simple, elegant, and always stylish.


Soft and Pleasing Curls

There’s no need to overdo with an updo, even if you have long hair. For a more relaxed look, part the hair down the middle and curl up the sides. Leave flowing tresses bouncing at your shoulders. It is the perfect look for a form-fitted dress and cap length sleeves.


Wrap Around French Side Braid

The French side braid is popular again this year, which should not come as a surprise. The look is classic and the style is comfortable. Flowers can be braided within the hair, offering a natural Maui touch to your wedding. Braiding can be simple or intricately designed with more than one braid intertwining. Be sure to ask your Juvenal hair professional style best suits your features and your gown.

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