unnamed-300x198If you are visiting Maui or you just moved, choosing the best hair salon might not be that easy. You can ask for referrals from family, friends or women whose hair style you like but to get the best salon you should look at the services offered. For instance, why should you just go for hair treatment while you can combine that with some massage and let your little girl use some excellent services catered for her offered in the same place? To help you choose the best Maui salon that you definitely merit, which goes beyond hair services, here’s what to look for.

Hair services

Obviously this should be the first thing you look for in a Maui hair salon. Check for a service that includes conditioning and washing. Check the senior and master stylist’s services offered for both men and women. The range of hair services offered should help you make up your mind.

Aveda Salon

If you go with a Maui Aveda salon you can be sure of plant-derived cosmetic products with ingredients that are healthy and soft on you and very friendly to the environment. This ensures the beauty treatment you receive is an all natural one. Step out of the salon with shiny, voluminous, amazing and swingy hairstyle with a natural Aveda touch.

Massage therapy

Even as you get your hair retouched, massage can rejuvenate your body after a long journey or busy week. Choose a Maui hair salon with additional massage services such as Lomi Lomi, sports and Swedish massage for your foot, upper body hot stones therapy, aromatherapy facial and at least an hour of your massage of choice. Imagine how you will be feeling after getting your hair done and receiving the best dose of massage therapy in Maui in the same place!

Wedding services

Chances are you want to touch base with a Maui hair salon that does not stop with your hair, but goes beyond what you could possibly imagine. If you have a wedding coming up, or a friend is soon to go down the aisle, you might want to find a salon that offers professional wedding services. You will in turn get that clean, dry and unique wedding hair style you want plus special up-do for the occasion and groom service for an all round beautiful wedding.

Aesthetic treatments

Looking beautiful is the business of a modern hair salon that knows what you need. Choose a Maui hair salon offering special aesthetic services such as lash enhancement, brow or lash tinting and light or heavy makeup application.


Removing unwanted hair in just about any part of your body is a service you probably need now. The salon you seek in Maui must be able to offer a painless, expert and quick waxing service for the best results. Waxing services include whole face, chin, lip and brow waxing.

Services catered for kids

There’s no reason why you should look beautiful after getting the best hair-do, relaxing massage and waxing service and leave your children unkempt and dishevelled. They deserve to look clean and pretty as well. Go for a Maui hair salon offering child services such as hair wrap, cornrow braids, toe and finger nail polish change, pedicure and manicure.

Essentially, the Maui salon you are looking for need to cater for you hair needs and definitely go above and beyond. You deserve it!

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