img1The Juvenal Hair Salon is an Aveda salon in Maui that aims to provide their lovely customers with the best hair care that they deserve. Aveda salons are growing more and more popular due to increased demands of their organic, cruelty free hair products.

The Aveda salons have the most amazing range of products that are made purely of plant and flower extracts. These organic products contain a gorgeous mix of different flower essences that are required to be used with utmost care. Our products are completely devoid of chemicals with absolutely no added artificial colours and no laboratory manufactured scents. The Aveda products range from soothing and smoothing creams for hair as well as special hair colour treatments and are exclusively offered at all Aveda Salons. Hair salons in Maui are most famous for offering Aveda products.

Juvenal Hair Salon & Spa is known for our highly trained team of experts, who are present to give you the best hair care experience. At Juvenal salon, our staff is there to make sure that all your queries are addressed and resolved. Our professionals give expert advice so that you can get the most out of your hair care treatments according to your hair type whether your locks are dry or deprived of shine in the Maui weather. This expert advice along with amazing Aveda products ensures that when women leave our Aveda salon, they feel amazing about themselves and their hair feels bouncier and shinier than ever!

Juvenal & cois the perfect Aveda salon for your hair needs in Maui. If you have dry and damaged hair or just crave for a new look to uplift your mood, our hair salon is your ideal spot. There are amazing products available for each and every hair type and our experts know exactly the right treatment needed for your hair type. Our trained staff can not only treat your hair but can also style your hair to achieve your desired look. From gorgeous updos to glamorous curls, these hairstyles are made with extreme care and technique to last you all day in the Maui weather.

With over 7,000 specialist Aveda salons, the number keeps on ever growing as the Aveda trend expands. Every woman is left mesmerised by the wonderful soothing treatments that are exclusively at the Aveda Salon. So if you have not yet been to an Aveda salon yet, take an appointment now and do not deprive your hair of the ultimate salon experience. Come in for a consultation and let our hair experts guide you on the best treatment that is required by your hair.

Prepare yourself for a hair style and condition transformation and call the Juvenal & Co team on (808) 879-HAIR (4247) or email the salon on info@juvenalhairsalon.com.

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